Monday, November 9, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - Sept. 13-16, 2009

PJ and I arose early to arrive at Olive Dell Ranch in order to arrive before the 8:00 am group freehike that we lead. No one was waiting for the hike at the chapel, so I hiked the Loop Trail above the resort by myself. Often people say they’ll come on a group freehike only to forget or chicken out for some other reason at the last minute, even at a nudist resort – strange.

Freehiking is such a wonderful way to start a day. The day was very overcast, with a cooler fall feeling in the air - perfect for freehiking. I didn’t see much wildlife, but did notice a few fall wildflowers. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would object to freehiking after having once tried it. Freehiking feels so wonderful and is such great exercise.

On my return I spoke to Sandy, naked, outside her trailer about today’s announcement of the membership board elections. She served on the board this year, and is up for reelection. We’re nominated, so I expect we’ll be elected. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing, but I do have plans I’d like to make happen.

Returning to the trailer, I watered plants in our Dellymaze Park. Then I spent three grueling hours digging a trail across the mountain, through a cliff; I ended up with lots of rock for lining trails. It was exhausting, but still enjoyable - naked makes difficult gardening wonderful. I wore out just in time to take a shower, eat some lunch in the restaurant, and attend the board meeting.

So, the results are in, and we are now members of Olive Dell Ranch’s membership board. We attended a “get going” meeting after the main membership meeting – it looks like we can have a fun time and help get lots done.

After lunch Dave showed up needing help moving the shed to our site. I spent the rest of the day, the next morning, and Wednesday morning helping him jack up the shed, get it on a flatbed trailer, and moved on to our site.

Hard work of any kind is almost better done naked. I went to bed totally exhausted, and PJ talked about her afternoon, which sounded much more fun.

A video producer/director was at Olive Dell this weekend shooting a pilot for a reality TV show following three nudist families, to be called “Naked Lives”. On Sunday afternoon they brought one of the children being raised at the resort to Dellymaze Park to shoot her at play. PJ explained how fun it was to watch her play naked in the Park as they shot video.

One of the producers, a young woman, had worked on the previous film they had shot at the resort in the Spring (her first time at a nudist park). She mentioned how she had since become a naturist at home, and enjoyed coming to the resort.

She also said that they loved the garden we are creating, and wanted to film us if the pilot gets picked up. We’ll definitely think about that. It sounds fun, but would certainly destroy any anonymity we have now.

As always, life is a happy place at Olive Dell Ranch.

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