Thursday, November 5, 2009

Labor Day at Olive Dell Ranch - 2009

Labor Day weekend was especially nice this year. Saturday we had to work, but a new naturist friend, Jared, drove down to Southern California from Salt Lake City, so after lunch I drove up to Olive Dell Ranch to meet him and let him in. It was nice to get nude on a working day. We sat on the deck for a few minutes to talk and get to know each other, and then I took him on a walking tour of our garden (Dellymaze Park) and the resort. I told him he was welcome to stay in our trailer. Then I had to leave to return to work, but I understand he enjoyed the dance that evening.

As our guest, his visit was free. Anyone else interested in visiting us at Olive Dell?

Sunday we arrived just in time for Jared and me to take a morning freehike. We hiked the Loop Trail to the picnic table and back. The weather was beautiful and the skies were clear so we had a beautiful view of the Inland Empire cities and the San Bernardino Mountains. I showed him where I planned to build a nude disc golf course. He’s an experienced disc golfer, approved of the site, and said he work like to help design it. (Next year we should all be able to meet for a game of nude disc golf – any interest?)

Freehiking is such a joy, and it’s wonderful to share this joy with new friends.

Jared played tennis with George from San Diego. We ate a naked breakfast in the resort restaurant, swam, met friends, talked, and generally had a nice time.

Ralph and Jeanie from Fontana arrived for a visit after lunch – very nice folk. Naturist friends are the best! Katherine had planned to attend, but work got in the way so she was forced to miss.

That evening we all attended Olive Dell’s largest event of the year – the Luau. The food was great, and the Pacific Island dancers were fantastic. The dancers were dressed and the audience was nude - interesting. The performers didn’t seem to mind. What a great show; definitely worth the money. Everyone needs to attend next year if they can.

Monday morning Jared had to leave for Utah early. I took a freehike with George, and Fred, another new friend who’d traveled from Richfield Utah with his wife. George is quite a talker and very active (he has his own fitness business) so we kind of lost track of our speed and I think we about walked Fred’s feet off – sorry. We took the loop Trail again. Our freehike was very enjoyable.

I took George and Fred on a tour of Dellymaze park when we returned. Later they both brought their wives to visit the park. We definitely enjoyed these new naturist friends. Too soon they had to leave to return to their homes.

Our Labor Day weekend was great! We enjoyed a nice naked evening watching 24 again. Tuesday morning we got up early, watered the garden, and headed down to work as we had to get in early for a meeting. It’s always sad to leave our happy place to go to the “real’ world. Hopefully it won’t be long before we’ll be able to live full-time at the resort as we will likely soon have a new job.

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