Friday, November 27, 2009

Skinny Home Parties

Winter is a great time to practice naturism with others indoors. (After all, it’s too cold to go outdoors, at least in snow country.) In January 2009 PJ and I attended several skinny home parties with friends, and I thought it might be nice to share what home parties are like for those who might want to attend/hold one.

A naturist home party starts with an invitation. You may have naturist friends who will invite you to a party – get on the phone. If not, invite some friends over to your own skinny home party – get brave.

You’ll probably want to have something to do at your party, although just getting together to relax and talk is fun too. The parties we attended in January involved a few friends talking, eating, watching a slide show of past naturist activities, and soaking in a hot tub. (By the way, you don’t need a hot tub as an excuse to get naked at the party.) In the past PJ and I have often played UNO or done Nude Karaoke (the most fun nude activity of all in our opinion). Others like to get together to watch movies or sports. Some celebrate holidays - we enjoyed a Nude Thanksgiving with friends.

So want happens at a skinny party? Well, you go to the friend’s house (they usually answer the door nude - they’re naturists after all - or in a robe to avoid startling the neighborhood), take off your clothes, and join in the activities. Except for taking off your clothes, nothing is really different than a clothed party. Naturists live a naked lifestyle after all, so nude is simply how they are.

Of course, getting nude is the biggest hurdle for some people. They think that being naked with friends will seem weird or sexy somehow, and it might for first-timers, but for experienced naturists it’s just having fun with friends. So getting comfortable is easy - attend a few skinny home parties, and you too will be an experienced naturist.

I’m convinced naturist friends are better, closer, more dependable friends because there are no artificial barriers to stop communication. Some of our friends traveled for five hours to attend one party we attended. Naturists are like that. They are rare, so they are willing to travel to be with others who understand.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone understood? One of our friends introduced naturism to several people in their neighborhood so people could walk to the party. We've shared our understanding of naturism with friends from work, and a few have attended. We all should be more open about who we are and invite our textile friends to participate.

So I challenge all to invite their friends to a skinny home party while it’s still cold outside. Then we will know each other better when we all get together for Skinny Trips this summer. (In fact, that would be a great topic to discuss at a skinny home party – show some slides of past skinny trips and plan what might be done this coming year.)

Anyone willing to take me up on my challenge to hold a skinny home party?

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