Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Labor Day Visit to Olive Dell Ranch - 2009

While having attended numerous nude swims in Salt Lake and spent a short time at a family nudist resort in Idaho, I never fully experienced or understood what true "naturism" was until my Visit to Olive Dell Ranch.

I was anxious to have new nude experiences over the the labor day weekend but wasn't sure where to find them. After hooking up with Ken thought the Yahoo nude Utah group I found my way down to California.

Olive Dell was not what I expected. I expected it to be a place where people visited on weekends to get naked and relax, but it turned out to be a place that many call home. Many people live there full -time. It is as much a "Nudist Community" than a Nudist Resort.

I spent my first day by the pool and attending the Nude Dance at Night. The Music was good but I did not dance because everybody was 40 years older than me. haha. I also was still getting used to the enviornment and was getting to know the people there.

Sunday (day#2) started off with a freehike with Ken. It was great to hear his perspective on naturism and how it has helped him in his life. It was my first time hiking nude and it felt great. I had no worry in the world.

The Hike was followed by a game of Nude Tennis with George, a really nice guy from San Diego area. I spent alot of the day chatting with him and his girlfriend poolside.

The Best part of this trip was making new friends (Ken, Jane, George) and gaining a greater understanding of Naturism.

I had a couple of insights during my trip:

1. I am more self-consious of my body when I am wearing a swim suit in public than when I am naked around naturists.

2. Sexuality of bodies dissolves as a person partipates in naturism.

3. Naturists for the most part are good, nice, and welcoming people.

4. People don't and won't inderstand naturism unless they themselves participate in it. This is the only way to understand it.

5. Most people look better with clothes on.


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