Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nude Gardening, Freehiking, and Visitors

PJ and I had to work an extra day this weekend, so only had Monday off. We got to Olive Dell early, determined to do some overdue weeding in Dellymaze Park (with the recent rains the weeds seemed to have jumped up). While nude weeding, I noticed a naked couple freehiking down the Olive Dell Nature Trail. (It’s always so gratifying to see someone enjoying our handiwork.) I invited them to tour Dellymaze, so after meeting Trevor and Barbara from Orange County, PJ and I took them on a nude tour of the Park.

Then, we prepared some cement and freehiked to the top of the nature trail to fix a trail sign the Bare Burros had broken. While working on the sign, Laurie came by, taking her morning freehike.

We then freehiked the rest of the trail to check the other signs, and returned to our naked gardening in the Park.

Laurie stopped by to talk when she returned from her freehike. It was nice to hear more about her life as a naturist.

Later, another couple, Jeff and Donna from Colorado, came up the hill to visit Dellymaze - quite a few visitors for a Monday! We took them on a tour of the Park, and left them at the start of Grandkid’s Gulch. Later we noticed them freehiking down the Nature Trail.

After nude gardening for five hours, we took a break and drove into Moreno Valley (a town only ten inutes from Olive Dell) for lunch. While there, we purchased several cactus plants for the Park, which I planted when we returned. We then worked on a new ‘Alien Attraction’ that PJ has been planning for Dellymaze. We love our nude garden, and sharing it with our naturist friends.

We ended the day taking a shower together, relaxing in the hot tub with four friends from the resort, and then enjoying a nude dinner in the restaurant. All in all, our short break from the clothed world was very enjoyable.

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