Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freehiking the Bare Burro 5K Course

I walked the Bare Burro 5K course the last two days (February 26 & 27) and took a few photos to share how beautiful spring time is around Olive Dell Ranch (be sure to click on “show all” at the bottom): http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/bareburro5kcoursespring

It is much greener now than it was just a few months ago when I took these photos of the course: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/bareburro5k

These spring photos include several of the picnic table that is located at the highest point on the course, about half way, where we will have a water station for runners. Small streams and ponds had accumulated along the way from Saturday’s rain. Wow, things were green and lovely!

I’d already spent several hours working nude on the Olive Dell Nature Trail, so the first day I didn’t reach the top until about noon. Because it was later in the day, I didn’t see any wild burros, but I did see a road runner – too swift for a photo – and several soaring hawks. The second day I saw 14 wild burros. It felt wonderful to be freehiking, the sun warming my body, at one with nature, on such wonderfully scenic days.

The first day I passed a woman on a horse, only the second time I’d met someone on the route (also a woman on a horse). We exchanged greetings. She said how nice it was that the rain had finally stopped, and how green the area is in springtime. I asked to take her photo - she agreed. (I was freehiking of course, but she didn’t mention my nudity and didn’t seem embarrassed or upset at all. I’m sure that was partly because I was still on resort property.)

I hope these photos intrigue you, and encourage you to get your registration in, so you can run or walk the 5K on Sunday, April 18th, staring at 10:30. We’ll hold a BBQ after the race, and you can get an all-over tan and soak in Olive Dell’s large hot spa. I’m sure you and your friends will love your visit.

We have many fun activities planned for the day before the 5K (Saturday the 17th) as well, including a pre-race freehike of the course, of course. In addition, we are planning guided tours of the totally unique Dellymaze Park and the newly opened Olive Dell Nature Trail. Dave is offering tennis lessons. If we have enough people we will hold volleyball, shuffleboard, and horseshoe competitions. We will sing nude karaoke in the evening (6:30), followed by a fun soak in the hot tub. Hopefully the pool will be warm enough, and it will certainly be warm enough for some relaxing sunbathing. The restaurant will be open all day, and will serve a special dinner (you must order the dinner by lunch time). It should be a fun weekend for you and any friends you bring along. There are still very nice cabins available for $30 a night (call Olive Dell at (909) 825-6619, and ask for Bobby). Your registration will get you in for free that day too, so try to join us early.

You can get additional information and print a registration form at http://www.olivedellranch.com/ .

The owners of ThingsToDoNude.com and I freehiked the course a few weeks ago. They recently posted a fine preview about the Bare Burro 5K at this link: http://ttdnteam.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/southern-california-nude-5k/

I really appreciate their help getting the word out.

Those who come to Olive Dell for the race should certainly also take a few minutes to walk the recently re-opened Olive Dell Nature Trail. It is fast becoming the best at any naturist park in the western United States. I added a few shots to my photos of the trail, seen at this link (again, be sure to click on “show all”): http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/olivedellnaturetrail

Did I mention I just love everything about freehiking, including talking with textiles along the way? It’s about time for another freehike – jealous anyone? If so, you’re welcome to visit Olive Dell Ranch and freehike with PJ and I any weekend. I guide a group freehike every Sunday morning at 9:00. See you then!

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