Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wife Initiates Freehike

“The first time I went for a nude hike was at my wife’s request in Vermont. . . It was early . . . on a fine autumn day and my wife wanted to go for a hike. . . About 1 mile in on an old unused trail . . . My wife stopped . . . The next thing I knew she was naked. Well, I joined her. . . all she wanted to do was hike naked . . . After an hour or so I was really getting into this naked hiking thing. Wow, I loved it, the freedom. My wife was right, great fun, super feeling of freedom and my skin loved the sun and wind. Yes I was hooked. I was totally amazed . . . What a feeling! . . . The leaves were red, orange, yellow and falling with the wind. It was so natural . . . After a while we turned around and there were two couples just staring at us. . . We just said hi and I said why not join in. Believe it or not the women got naked and joined and then the men. The day continued, with all six of us naked hikers and with no loss for conversation. I guess this friendship will last a long time. . . As we all got back to within a mile or so of the ranch, we stopped for a drink and final conversation. . . This was a great day to remember . . .” - Bear

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