Thursday, March 11, 2010

Find Your Naturist "Happy Place"

It was still overcast and cloudy when PJ and I arrived at Olive Dell Ranch Wednesday afternoon. Still, it was just warm enough to undress, scope out a new trail to be named after one of the resort kids – Sierra - and erect a few signs in Dellymaze Park, and also one at the top of the Olive Dell Nature Trail. We walked back along Grandkids Gulch looking for a spot for PJ’s newest arrival - the Alien Head. We had fun working and dreaming together.

After sunset we showered together down at the clubhouse, and then soaked in the hot tub which now has a brand new heater. Soaking naked with your loved one, talking about the successes, failures, and dreams of the day, and watching the stars overhead – ah, bliss on a cool evening.

Then we retired to our trailer to eat dinner and watch a movie. We love our “Happy Place” at Olive Dell Ranch.

A few weeks ago PJ explained how much we enjoyed our “Happy Place” and Dellymaze Park to her 82 year old step mother, who commented that she had never even dreamed of having a “Happy Place”. Her life had been one of religion, discipline, and raising a family in the proper manner. How sad to have lived an entire lifetime without a “Happy Place”.

We have friends who would love to find a “Happy Place,” but always have reasons to not get there – too much work, not enough money, not enough time, wrong location (too far away), raising children, family and friends who wouldn’t understand – lots of reasons, many excuses, and in the end "no time left". I know - I’ve lived that way too. Life is too short for excuses.

It’s so sad that most people spend a lifetime striving for approval, money, possessions, and power, setting goals, trying to be like someone they admire, someone who really doesn’t exist, rather than reconciling themselves to their real selves and accepting their true “Happy Place,” a place of peace, a place of love, and in our case, a place free from clothing.

We have discovered the truth that naturism helps people find their “Happy Places,” away from the stresses of the so-called real world. Our “Happy Places” ultimately count most of all. So I encourage everyone to dream enough to search for a “Happy Place”. And naturism is the easiest path to finding a real “Happy Place” – perhaps the only path – at least for me and PJ.

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