Monday, March 15, 2010

Visitors To Olive Dell Ranch

It was nice to have two people visit us at Olive Dell Ranch this weekend.

Mike (USH) visited from Utah. He’s come for visits several times before, and we always enjoy his company. We all walked down to the restaurant for breakfast after he arrived, and we were back talking on our deck when Vicki came up the hill with a new visitor to the resort. I asked if he wanted a tour of Dellymaze Park. We talked for a few minutes and he explained he’d decided to visit Olive Dell after reading about it on Kenfreehiker’s blog. I told him he’d found Kenfreehiker.

Soon Mike, Andrew (the new visitor from Texas), and I were freehiking the Olive Dell Nature Trail and up the Picnic Table Trail. (Olive Dell has wonderful freehiking.) Andrew continued further for several hours. Mike and I returned to the trailer.

Mike headed for the hot tub while I prepared signs for the nature trail. Later, Mike, PJ and I met Andrew on Olive Dell Nature Trail returning from his four-hour freehike as we were installing the signs I’d completed.

After installing signs, Mike and Andrew returned to the pool area, while PJ and I continued nude gardening in the park. PJ worked on the Dino Dig, and I worked on a new trail – Sierra’s.

(Perhaps Mike and Andrew will respond to this post and share their feelings about the visit.)

Late afternoon we had to leave to meet up with my son and his family who were visiting from Utah. They’re not naturists yet (too bad) so we couldn’t meet at the resort - maybe someday.
Anyway, it was nice having people visit us. All are welcome to join us when you get a chance.

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