Sunday, March 7, 2010

Naturism can be Profoundly Positive for Children

Several times this week I was reminded how unconscious kids are of nudity at Olive Dell Ranch.

On Monday I was weeding nude along a trail in Dellymaze Park when the six year old naturist and her mom (and little brother) came down the hill. We talked for a minute about how they had been for a picnic by the stream and then returned via the Grandkids Gulch trail. (I love it that the people at the resort are enjoying the trails I’ve opened up and named.) Anyway, at a branch in the trail above me the daughter took the more difficult trail that passed right by this old naked man. I said, “Oh, you’re coming this way?” Her mom said, “She’s choosing the way.” Obviously my nudity was of no concern to either. It was a nice, natural encounter.

Then Wednesday, PJ and I were naked at the top of Grandkids Gulch fixing a sign when we heard the happy voices of children coming up the trail. Soon four girls arrived excited to show us a waterfall they had discovered. The oldest (12) said she’d really like a trail named after her and I said I’d make one. It was fascinating that nudity didn’t bother them in the least.

Today I read an article called ‘Sexting’ on The Rise at Schools’ (

The article explained that ‘Kids are collecting these [nude] pictures like baseball cards. It has turned into this contest to see how many pictures they can collect of their peers doing these inappropriate behaviors.” Mr. Bonn sees this as problematic because the majority of students in sexting incidents ‘are such willing participants’.

To my mind, the problem is not that the kids are willing participants, but that society has pornified the naked human body. Three thoughts come to mind:

1. Why are simple naked photos considered sexy anyway? (In fact, why call this ‘Sexting’? Doing this just confuses the issue.

2. If people understood and practiced naturism kids wouldn’t need to send naked photos, and parents and teachers wouldn’t be so freaked out if they were sent.

3. Clearly nudity is becoming more acceptable to kids, and this may bode well for the naturist movement in the future.

Children are natural naturists and don’t confuse nudity with sex until society and parents screw up their minds. How can we prevent our kids from becoming citizens, wittingly or unwittingly, of the vast pornopolis of modern culture? My answer is to practice naturism with our family. All parents should consider the positive aspects of incorporating naturism into their family life. Little can be done to better protect the family. Naturism can be profoundly positive.

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  1. It is good to read your entry on this matter. I find it frustrating that the powers that be are keen to convict teens as child sex offenders for sexting. Destroying such lives to soothe their own repressed minds is something which should not ever be supported.