Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why I Hike Naked

“. . . my friends have asked me why I hike naked and how I came upon it. At this time of year, the question gets around to why I am crazy enough to continue through much of the winter, and in the snow.

My short reply to all of them is that I have found a way to combine two of my passions, naturism, and outdoor active personal sports.

I have since discovered that in this case, the boost to my spirits and other benefits to my life are truly greater than the sum of the parts. I have found hiking naked to be an effective deterrent to my seasonal bouts of depression. Every season has its own special pleasures. . .

Another answer that I have come up with to explain hiking naked to people who have skinny dipped before . . . is to think of hiking naked as skinny dipping, not in the water, but in the breeze. There are few experiences that match the cleansing that occurs when one has an opportunity to peel off all of the layers of civilization, leave most or all of it behind for awhile, and play in the sun, moon, dirt, wind, and rain as we did as kids and as our creator intended. . . I feel blessed to have been allowed to experience in person, a special place of beauty and peace in my life.” - Dan


  1. I know I am preaching to the choir here but I feel connected to my surroundings more when I am nude in nature. I have has so many encounters with wildlife from deer to coyotes and once a moose. It seemed as though the animals didn't quite know what to make of me. I have also encountered clothed hikers and in almost every case they have been positive. For me a solo nude hike in a remote forest is a spiritual experience. It renews my soul and fills me with joy. I take my time and I seem to observe my surroundings more. I feel the wind and sunlight on my body I am getting the fullest experience I can. A nude walk during a gentle rain is an experience difficult to top. It is something difficult to explain it's like explaining ice cream to someone who has never tasted ice cream. I know that this is a minority within a minority of the population but there is something so incredible to wonderful about it that only those of us doing it can know. I encourage you all to get there and give it a try.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughts. We are certainly common spirits. You're welcome to join PJ and I at Olive Dell Ranch anytime.

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