Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things to Know about the Bare Burro 5K

Hurry - only two days left to register for the Bare Burro 5K. Don’t miss California’s first nude run! (And even if you can’t run, you can join PJ and me for a fun walk in the sun and claim an awesome commemorative Bare Burro t-shirt for participating!)

As Laura says: “Can't wait for April 18th! Chica and I will be there with bells on!” Hopefully you can attend as well.


The Bare Burro 5K will be held Sunday, April 18th, at Olive Dell Ranch, 26520 Keissel Road, Reche Canyon, Colton CA. Link to map here: http://www.olivedellranch.com/directions.htm
Race-day check-in starts at 9:00 am, and we will gather for the race by 10:15 am.

If you’re coming Saturday the 17th, plan for some fun activities, including a pre-race freehike of the course, of course. In addition, we are planning guided tours of the totally unique Dellymaze Park and the newly opened Olive Dell Nature Trail. Dave is offering nude tennis lessons. If we have enough people we will hold volleyball, shuffleboard, and horseshoe competitions.

There is nude karaoke at 6:00 pm and a fun dance at 8:00 pm Saturday night – the annual Trailer Trash Dance - followed by a group soak in the hot tub. Hopefully the pool will be warm enough, and it will certainly be warm enough for some relaxation / sunbathing.

The restaurant will be open all day, and will serve a special dinner (you must order the dinner by lunch time). It should be a fun weekend for you and any friends you bring along. There are still very nice cabins available for $30 a night (call Olive Dell at (909) 825-6619, and ask for Bobby).

We are also planning a BBQ after the race.

Olive Dell is clothing optional (you may chose to wear clothes or not), but the race is nude, except you should plan to wear socks and running/walking shoes, unless you’re a barefoot runner.

You must be nude to enjoy the hot tub, pool, and surrounding areas. Please shower before entering; shower facilities are available at the resort.

Bring two towels with you; it is nudist etiquette to sit on your own towel\.
Bring your sunscreen, especially if you are a newbie nude.

Cameras and cell-phone cameras are not allowed during the race. A photographer will be available after the race to take your photo if you want.

Firearms and illegal substances are not allowed at Olive Dell ranch.

Plan on not being embarrassed; everyone is bare for the first time; you’ll soon find just how relaxing and enjoyable nudity can be. Check out www.aanr.com or www.naturistsociety.com for pertinent information about the nudist lifestyle.

For more information on Olive Dell Ranch, go to www.olivedellranch.com. Address questions to kenfreehiker@yahoo.com.


  1. I wish I'd thought to look up this event before planning my vacation. As it is, I'll be at Olive Dell a week too early. :(

  2. Too bad. Still, several of us are getting together to walk and arrange the course on Sunday the 11th at 9:30 (meet at the chapel area). You're welcome to join in. Just let us know. It would be fun to meet.