Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olive Dell Ranch Activities

On January 22, 23, and 24 we spent lots of time setting up for, holding, and taking down decorations for Olive Dell Ranch’s first Murder Mystery Night – the Four Duces. PJ was in charge. It was fun.

Also on the 24th our friend who was visiting from Hurricane, Utah, helped PJ and I measure the newly created Olive Dell Nature Trail. Turns out it’s about 2/3rds of a mile. I placed signs at both entrances.

We spent lots of time freegardening in Delly Maze Park. I mostly cleared dirt that had collapsed onto trails with the recent rains, and PJ cleared mud from the dinosaur dig. Nude gardening is one of our favorite activities.

While we were eating a late lunch in the club restaurant (nude of course) we noticed the owner Bobby giving a tour to a new family. Later, as we were working in the Park, the kids from the resort visited to share Dellymaze with the new girl (10 years old). It always amazes me how kids can be so natural around old naked people. The new girl had lots of fun running the trails.

Later we met her again with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend in the hot tub. They make a nice family. They really enjoyed their visit to Olive Dell Ranch and seem likely to join as new members. The daughter mentioned how much she liked Dellymaze Park, and her mom mentioned she’d definitely take a tour on her next visit.

Monday, in addition to more freegardening, we spent some hours measuring the course for the Bare Burro 5k run / walk that will be held April 18, 2010. I freehiked the entire course twice. I hope some of my readers will be able to attend the Bare Burro. Those who are interested can find out more at these links:,, and

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