Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy and Cold Week

Spent most of Monday and Tuesday morning either naked in the trailer watching the rain while writing my book, or getting out during the occasional breaks in the rain to work on the Dellymaze Park, Booser Springs Trail (unfortunately clothed - naturists aren't crazy, they get dressed when the conditions require it). It looks like the rest of the week will be rainy and cold - oh well, we have to work most of the week anyway.

Being naturists, how do you readers deal with winter weather?


  1. I'm writing a letter to my children about naturism. It's nearly finished, about 175 pages. Here's a little from the forward:

    Aetter to Ben

    Dear Ben:
    I’ve always believed a dad has the “responsibility” to teach his children the truths he’s found. So as my oldest son I’ve always tried to share my thoughts and feelings honestly.

    Now you’re an adult with children of your own, and recently your marriage hit a stumbling block. I hope my advice about that helped, but even if your marriage hasn’t gone as planned, you’re a great dad and will find a way to make things as positive as possible for your children. As you know, life is a challenge, with much to learn.

    As we talked a few months ago I shared a little about my experiences with nudity. You seemed to understand, yet mentioned you were already aware of my “exhibitionist” tendencies, so I knew the time had come to ensure you understood what nudity means to me. I don’t want you to misunderstand and think my actions are “exhibitionistic” and therefore wrong somehow.

    So I started writing you a letter. That was six months ago. (It turned out that I had lots to explain.) In fact, my letter has turned into this book. . .

  2. We don't really have winters here. It gets slightly cooler but never anywhere close to freezing.