Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should Trails Be Designated for Freehiking?

“In another encounter that same weekend, I ran into a naturist runner on the Jay Peak trail who was running textile. He was so pleased to run into me hiking naked, that we sat and talked in the middle of the trail for about 45 minutes comparing notes. He too had only hiked naked on private lands, and had never felt certain enough about it to try it on public trails. He called me a pioneer in his eyes, with much gratitude. He also suggested that perhaps, if there were designated "Clothing Optional" trails, even in Vermont, that perhaps more naturists would be inclined to hike naked. My only concern with that idea, which I voiced to him, was that if such trails existed, I may not have as free access to my favorite parts of the Long Trail, if they were not so designated. As it is now, the entire state of Vermont is clothing optional by default, and will probably remain so, as long as we freehikers exercise the same precautions that we would anywhere else." – Dan

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