Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Beautiful January Day at Olive Dell Ranch

The weather was beautiful at Olive Dell Ranch on January 10, 2010! We arrived by 8:00 a.m., and I immediately walked down to the chapel area to see if anyone had gathered for our weekly group freehike. No one today, so I headed up the trail on my own. I freehiked about three miles, around the loop trail, up to the picnic table and back.

Freehiking is so amazing; for me it’s a spiritual experience. It uplifts my spirit, helps me refocus on the positive, and provides peace of mind and the ability to feel a general state of wellness. If I can’t freehike, I see these benefits diminish. Then, when I start again, I see the benefits kick back in.

Do you experience these same benefits from freehiking?

I saw ten bare burros along the way, reminding me that the Bare Burro 5K run/walk will take place an April 18th. Hopefully some readers will be able to attend. The registration form is up on Olive Dell's site at http://www.olivedellranch.com/ .

After returning from the freehike, I finished the entrance to the Olive Dell Nature Trail. We need to put up a few signs, and have someone in the know come and mark the vegetation, but except for that it’s essentially done. It’s probably the best nature trail at any resort in Southern California. Everyone is welcome to come walk the trail (nude of course). Anyone interested?

PJ and I then freehiked around the resort. (She’s hurt her back so we did this short hike to see if walking helps.) On the way we stopped at the restaurant for a naked breakfast. (Olive Dell serves very nice, affordable meals.)

I spent most of the rest of the day building a bridge across a water pipe that crosses one of my trails in Dellymaze Park. (Nude carpentry – hard work made enjoyable.)

I took several breaks on our deck as I thought through how to best build the bridge. It was so enjoyable watching naturists enjoy themselves around the resort. It was especially fun watching two of the local girls play and ride their bikes, dressed only in pants.

Several naturists visited Dellymaze Park today, including our friend Andrew (a Skinny Tripper), who stopped by saying he couldn’t not visit on such a nice day. I showed him the new attractions in the Park, and took him up the nature trail; then he continued on freehiking. Later in the afternoon we soaked together with him and several couples in the spa, and enjoyed a naked meal in the restaurant before he had to leave.

After dark we set up our karaoke equipment in the clubhouse. Few people showed up so we had lots of time to practice new songs. We’ve been holding nude karaoke every Sunday night at 6:30. Anyone interested in attending?

Did I mention it was a beautiful day at Olive Dell Ranch?

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