Saturday, January 2, 2010

Freehiking in the Appalalchians

“I had a great naked hike in the Mark Twain National Forest on Sunday afternoon. No vehicles at the trailhead and nobody on the trail; I could have just left the shorts in the car. (You know you get TRIPLE Naked Hiker Miles for that, DOUBLE if you just do it trailhead-to-trailhead.) Followed by a two-hour naked drive back to St. Louis, of course! . . . My friend is over from Scotland and so yesterday we went on a hike in a big 6000-acre state park about an hour south of here [Orlando]. We did two different trails and saw nobody the entire day. Dang - could have left the shorts in the car and gotten DOUBLE Naked Hiker Miles. Good sun and not too hot. Lots of deer, a flock of turkeys, and several armadillos . . . What's not to like about naked hiking? . . . My hike today was awesome! Yesterday did the Appalachian Trail, naked of course. . . And then drove across the border to NY and did Taconic State Forest, then a two-hour naked drive home. The AT crossed three roads and four streams. MAN, was it cold! . . . Take care, hike bare!” - Budd

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