Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reintroduce a Healthy Naturist Revolution

Healthy eating and exercise, along with mental and spiritual health, were essential to early naturist practice. What happened? It’s as if when people took off their clothes they forgot why. Originally, it was for physical and mental health. It’s time to bring healthy living back to naturism.

It’s wrong that naturists just laze around a pool or on a beach in the sun to the exclusion of swimming and freehiking and nude gardening and similar healthy activities. Naturism is not just sunbathing – far from it.

It’s wrong that naturists eat such unhealthy foods. A restaurant at a resort should serve much more than burgers and fries and sugar-crammed sodas. Naturists are healthy eaters.

It’s wrong that naturists gather together to drink and smoke as if getting naked somehow encourages these obviously unhealthy practices. On the contrary, naturism discourages these nasty habits.

It's wrong that naturists neglect mental and spiritual stimulation, and hide from others. Demonstrating that they are different, not "sheeple", by stepping outside the constraints of society and culture, and rejecting the negative effects of "textilism" and sexual perversion, naturists should be seekers after all truth and leaders and teachers and missionaries, not fearful mental pigmies.

Perhaps “nudists” are okay with an unhealthy lifestyle, but not “naturists”. By definition, naturists are physically active, eat healthy food, avoid unhealthy habits, seek mental and spiritual advancement, and encourage others to understand so they also live in true health. It’s time for everyone to become "true" naturists.

In this regard, here’s an article by Dr. Mercola about sugar, one of my pet peeves since being diagnosed with diabetes, that I found a very informative resource:

Can any of my readers suggest similar resources?

It’s past time to reintroduce a naturist revolution in how people live!


  1. I agree with you. Many of my ideas about naturism have their roots in the early naturist practices. I see naturism as a holistic lifestyle promoting physical, mental and spiritual health.

    At nudist venues, I see too many people who are overweight and obviously at risk for health problems. Body acceptance is fine but it's only a beginning, not an end.

    I'm pre-diabetic and lost my mother to complications from diabetes a while back so my health has become a very high priority and my attitudes about diet and exercise have changed dramatically. I've recently begun practicing yoga, drawn by its holistic approach to body, mind and spirit.

    I read the article and I'll be passing it on to others.

  2. I've been thinking about this too, and I'm glad to read your post. This is also a great tie-in to the sustainability movement for naked folks. A great place to start is to live more sustainably in our own skin. Not that we have to be perfect, but we can all do better for the bodies we claim to respect so much.

    To me, the first question is, how can we get other nudists/naturists interested in being healthy?
    Seems that we'd need AANR and TNS to start marketing health as being just as big a part of the nude experience as leisure.

    What I disagree with is your statement that nudists are ok with being unhealthy, but naturists are not. Your own criticisms of naturists who sit by the pool eating and smoking are evidence that ALL naked people need to be healthier. I would leave it at that. It's obvious that mere definitions do not adequately describe people.

  3. "ALL naked people need to be healthier."

    You're right of course, and naturism should inspire good health, so "real" naturists should believe it and strive for it. That's the challenge for us all.

  4. Yes, I suppose it would be nice if all nudist/naturists were Beautiful People but alas, most tend to just be people who are willing to accept others while asking to be accepted for themselves. Without them there wouldn't be many nudist/naturist venues left.

    "By definition, naturists are physically active, eat healthy food, avoid unhealthy habits, seek mental and spiritual advancement, and encourage others to understand so they also live in true health."

    Excuse me but, by who's definition? Try as I might I have been unable to find that difinition anywhere except as a personal opinion, usually put forth by bloggers pushing health, yoga, T.M. or such other personal life choices they have made for themselves.

    To me this sounds like one Democrat telling us what all Democrats should believe in order to be called a Democrat. Or Republican, or Christian, etc.

    You are certainly entitled to express your own opinion but it's disingenuous to suggest that some 'higher source' decrees it to be so, let alone that it's required to be considered a true 'naturist'.

    Good posting, makes people think!

  5. Oh, yay! Another "one true way!" Yawn.

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