Saturday, January 16, 2010

UtahSpringhiker Visits Olive Dell Ranch

UtahSpringhiker visited us at Olive Dell Wednesday night – it was nice to see him again. I was doing my naked gardening thing in Dellymaze Park, placing large pots in our new attraction – Kokopeli Court – when he arrived. I walked down to the gate to get him in. (Our guests normally don’t have to pay.)

He got naked and we freehiked the newly completed Olive Dell Nature Trail. Then we soaked in the spa with several other members. PJ met us at the clubhouse for the community pot luck, after which UtahSpringhiker soaked again while we returned to our trailer.

PJ had hurt her back so Mary Lu came over with her massage table to give PJ a massage. So, when UtahSpringhiker returned from the hot tub, our trailer was filled with a massage table, two naked gals, and me reading naked on the bed (the only available space) – a little crowded to say the least. Still, he found enough room to check his emails before leaving.

Tuesday morning we did a little more nude gardening in the park before leaving for work. I hope my readers feel welcome to visit us if they ever get to Southern California.

By the way, here is the AANR announcement for upcoming activities at Olive Dell this April:

“This April is especially fun at Olive Dell Ranch. Don’t miss the Bare Burro 5k - So Cal’s 1st nude run / walk on 4/18. (Register by April 1st at to get the T-shirt.) Other April events: Bingo (4/3), Easter Sunrise Service & Jr. Eastern Egg Hunt (4/4), Karaoke (4/10 and most Sunday evenings), and the Trailer Trash Dance (4/17 - the night before the 5K). Our World Naked Gardening Day celebration is 5/1. Be sure to visit our amazing Dellymaze Park, camp, swim, soak, play tennis/volleyball/shuffleboard, eat in our restaurant - join the fun at our Family Friendly home , 909-825-6619, or”


  1. You get a shirt for doing a nude run?

  2. Yes indeed, and it will be a fun one to wear with a bare running donkey.