Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Evening Freehike

We arrived at Olive Dell Ranch yesterday about 3:30 with just enough time to take an evening freehike. I hiked up the new Olive Dell Nature Trail, and near the top branched off an explored some new areas. I hiked up a fun wash, and then bush wacked over to nice boulder area surrounded by thick brush. I suspect few if any people have ever visited this place. If cleared out, it would make a neat hidden place to hold a meeting with plenty of rocks on which to sit.

I then freehiked back to the top of the Nature Trail, and returned to our trailer with just enough time to take a shower before dark.

The weather was nice and warm today, perfect for a January freehike. Southern California weather – wow! Is anyone jealous?

1 comment:

  1. Tried to get a freehike in today since I was off work due to snow. Didn't get to be naked too long because it was only 15F! Fingers and ears were hurtin' for certain.