Monday, January 11, 2010

Night Freehiking?

“Many years ago, when I was still in high school, my early outdoor nude exploration was done under the cover of darkness. It was just much easier back then before I realized that there could be opportunities to hike nude in the daylight.

And most of my night swimming anytime, anywhere is done in the nude. Why bother with the other way?

Most recently, two night hikes come to mind. At Lake Willoughby in Vermont, I took a recent acquaintance on his first naked hike on public lands, up the Mount Pisgah trail. . . We started before sundown, but were well under cover of darkness by the time we reached the summit, and walked down in total darkness. Light rain the entire time and having another naked hiker along, a first for me, made this trip extra special. The other recent experience was exceptional. It was during my naked venture into the Camden Hills SP in Maine this past September . . . The overnight hut there, is located down a short trail, below the bluff on the summit of Bald Rock Mountain. Around 2am, I awoke to the brilliant light of a near full moon flooding the interior of the hut, so I hiked up to the summit without a net, and sat overlooking Penobscot Bay, enjoying the view for the better part of an hour. You can see a substantial part of the bay, and many islands from this vantage point, about 900 ft up from the water. Seeing all of the features of the landscape brilliantly lit by moonlight, observing the navigation markers down on the bay, watching the shipping coming and going, and seeing the lights of Camden and other nearby towns. It was all just stunning.

After awhile, I went back down to the hut and crawled back into my bag. A few hours later, I awoke to voices coming from the summit. So I slipped on my kilt and went back up to join some locals who had hiked up with a thermos of coffee, to watch the sunrise. The sun rose from directly behind Cadillac Mount on Mt Desert Island, 60 miles to the east, and couldn't have been a more perfect start to another great day. I quite agree that night hiking naked has its own special charms.” - Dan

Has anyone reading this ever freehiked at night?

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