Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Perfect Place for a Naturist to Live

The Academic Naturist posted an interesting blog about finding and buying a private place, a piece of land, where he could practice naturism (see - ).

In the post he asked, "Have any of you been through this before? Did you find the perfect place, where you can wear your best suit anywhere you want? Do you have any tips on what to look for, or what to do to find that perfect place? Any tips on dealing with neighbors? Any tips on bargaining with realters?"

Here is my comment about this:

We also searched for a perfect place for our "private" naturist home. Then we found our happy place at Olive Dell Resort, rented a site, bought a trailer, and decided our thinking had been wrong headed.

We discovered we weren't really trying to get away from others; we only wanted to live naked around others who understood and wanted to live the same way. Olive Dell was perfect for a number of reasons, including:

- It's inexpensive (about $300 a month)

- We have lot's of area to freehike and garden nude

- We meet lots of new naturist friends who come to freehike and visit our nude garden (Dellymaze Park)

- We can swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub whenever we want and not have any upkeep

- We easily get together with naturist friends often to sing karaoke, eat, play games, etc.

- Major shopping and dining areas are just minutes away if we want to get out for a clothed time.

- We have even been able to start a business with naturist friends.

For us, it was a real revelation when we stopped looking for our own naturist haven and moved to a wonderful haven for naturists that already existed - Olive Dell Ranch - our happy place.


  1. Sometimes it's impossible to find a place with so much freedom. Especially in places where land is scarce.

  2. True - that's another reason for choosing to live at an existing resort like our happy place. Thanks for the comment Mia.

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