Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naturist Friends

I stopped for the night Saturday on my home from Idaho at Harrow and Kitty's house in the St. George area. It's always nuce being at a place where one can relax and enjoy life naturally without being judged. Naturist friends are the best!

I’ve found that naturism fosters friendship and love. Naturism is naturally less judgmental, and those who judge less are able to love more. Some people act as if they can only love those with common beliefs and standards. If a person doesn’t eat meat, for example, a person who eats meat must be wrong. If a person doesn’t drink alcohol, the person who does is wrong, and shunned. If a person prefers being clothed, the person who enjoys naturism must be immoral.

But these judgments do not indicate love, nor does trying to make people behave according to some ‘preferred’ personal standard, even if that standard is popular. At least with adults, loving someone means accepting them as they are, and since we were all born naked, we should love each other in that way; naturists can and do.

We love doing things with our naturist friends. When I was a textile most everything was done alone or with my family. As a naturist things changed; I have more friends of all types than I've ever had in my life - good, trustworthy friends who will last forever.

So thanks to Harrow and Kitty for being such good friends.


  1. It would be great if people weren't so judgemental. I'm an eternal optimist and usually have a positive attitude but I know that will never happen.