Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dellymaze Park Trails

At Olive Dell Ranch, PJ and I have been creating a nude garden - it’s large enough now to be considered a park, so we’ve named it Dellymaze Park. It’s really quit unique.

I’ve mostly been the digger and planter, making over a ½ mile of rock-lined trails, and planting a number of succulents. PJ has followed along and built many creative things to see. It’s nowhere near compete; it’s the work of a lifetime – but it is getting very interesting. We give a few tours to visiting naturists most weekends, and the residents and kids at the resort frequently visit to see what’s new and to play.

I find nude gardening so fulfilling.

I’ll share more about Dellymaze Park in future posts, but to start, here is a link to photos of some of the trails:


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