Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nude Bike Riding

Has anyone reading ever taken a naked bike ride?

I was a kid when I last took a nude bike ride, late one night, down a well-traveled neighborhood street – crazy I know - I didn’t understand naturism then. However, for many people nude road and mountain biking is a totally acceptable naturist activity, as can be seen below. In fact, the World Naked Bike ride happens annually in mostly large cities around the world. (Here are a few links to photos of this event:

2009 World Naked Bike Ride - Madrid Video

2009 World Naked Bike Ride - London Photos

2008 World Naked Bike Ride - Brighton Photos

2007 Vancouver WNBR photos:


  1. Don't forget the Freemont Summer Solstice Parade! Freemont is a suburb of Seattle and their parade has 2-3 hundred naked or body painted biker riders in that event.

    I haven't been in that event my last nude biking adventure was riding down the beach at San Onofre CA several years ago. I would go to the Freemont event if I was going with friends however I would be a bit shy of going alone.

  2. The last time I did this was 2006, but it was at Burning Man, where it doesn't even raise an eyebrow. It was even promoted as a World Naked Bike Ride event, though it was done in August.

    It's a shame Los Angeles doesn't really participate in the WNBR, thanks to the cops.