Monday, December 21, 2009

Nude Driving

Driving nude one must be careful – though other drivers seldom see you, the police may not appreciate the un-sexual aspects of naturism. Still, being careful, which one should be anyway when driving, naked cross-country is a wonderful way to go. PJ and I have driven naked often – mostly on longer trips from Utah to Washington and to California.

Has anyone else reading this ever driven nude? How about sharing a comment?

We just returned from a week-long vacation. I drove nude most of the trip from Idaho Falls to Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California (about 13 hours). Though I sometimes wore an open coat because it was winter and anyone looking would expect that.

It's amazing how different the sensations are. You feel temperature differences immediately. You're more conscious of your speed and other cars around you.

I even drove naked except for the coat through the California plant inspection station.

When I got to Olive Dell is was nice to just drive in and be already in uniform (naked).

Nude driving isn't as enjoyable as freehiking, but driving naked certainly made the necessarily long drive bare-able.


  1. I drive naked usually to and from the nudist resort. I was a member of The Swallows and I would often drive nude to and from there along the freeways. I still am fond of driving nude to and from the nudist resort currently that is Kaniksu Ranch north of Spokane WA. primarily along coutry roads. I have not driven longer than an hour or two I would be interested to try it however my wife seems to take a dim view of it. I have noticed that I am one of the most careful drivers on the road.

  2. It's not a good idea to drive naked around here but I've done it in California and nobody looked twice. We didn't have a convertible though.