Monday, December 14, 2009

Less Clothes, Less Weight

Now here’s a great reason to be an active naturist – to lose weight:

“. . . when you burn fat, you are burning heat energy, and this must be transferred out of your body . . . And about 75% of this heat transfer occurs through the layers of your skin. . . we can improve the effectiveness of this fat transfer by dressing in cooler clothes, not wearing hats, going barefoot more often, and not bundling up with blankets. Basically, anything to give our skin the best chance to transfer the body fat we are working so hard to burn. So make it easier on yourself, let your skin do its job of transferring your stored body fat back into the energy cycle, and you'll be leaner faster. While this may seem a little weird, you now know that shedding some clothes can actually help you shed body fat. . .” - Rob Poulos, Zero to Hero Fitness

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