Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Austrailian Freehiking Report

“Today a group of 5 undertook the Wondabyne walk in the Brisbane Water National Park. The weather was mixed, but promised to be good enough for an enjoyable walk. We car pooled from Woy Woy station and parked at Staples Lookout. Heading back down Woy Woy Rd a bit, we headed off along the track. A short way down we got into uniform [nude], and continued along. Eventually we hit the point where the Great Northern Walk cut across the Thommos Loop Track. Heading out along the GNW, we eventually came to Kariong Brook Falls. Here we stopped for a rest and chance to cool off in the waters. A lovely little oasis in the middle of nowhere. It started sprinkling a little, but this just added to the beauty of the spot. Then it was time to head off up the track on the other side. We passed through another watercourse with dark clear water. Not quite large enough for a swim, but cooling none the less. As we set off along the track again, the landscape slowly changed around us, passing through the hanging swamp and beyond. We then met up with the main access road heading towards Wondabyne station. We followed this down to the end where we stopped for lunch. Down below were the stairs down to the station, and a view across Mullet Creek. We were briefly interrupted by another bushwalking group heading back to the station after a walk to a local cave. A quick cover up of our uniforms was required. Finally it was time to head down to the station. Climbing back up the other way would certainly be challenging. Once on the tiny platform we said our goodbyes as a couple of our crew were heading to Sydney, and the rest of us were heading back to Woy Woy. It was a great day out, lovely part of Australia to explore.” - George "Jorgi" Zamroz

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