Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nude Dating

On another site, WilliamCA asked this questions: "To be honest, I'm short on money and dating skills. I'm no longer a fan of clubs, and I don't believe in going to a church to find a date. But what about nudist resorts. I've thought about it but I'm so depressed and not sure if I can afford the gas to travel to even a local one. Is it worth it? Are nudist women better dates?

How would you answer WilliamCA's question?

Here is my response: "I met PJ through a dating site. My profile on the site listed one interest as "Finding someone who would enjoy walking down the beach naked with me." Hundreds responded. PJ was one.

When PJ and I first talked on the phone I let her know I was a naturist in the first five minutes. She wasn't a naturist - thought I was talking about watching birds. After talking for five hours we decided to meet.

Our first date was to a nude swim (her 1st nude activity). She was the only woman. She loved it. That was way good enough for me. We marrried a few weeks later, and honeymooned at Glen Eden."

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