Thursday, June 16, 2011

Utah Skinnytrip Reports

"Have had some wonderful weather for freehiking the last few days in southern Utah. Got out on a two hour freehike on the east slope above Pleasant Creek. Surging creek, beautiful meadows with lot of wildflowers, and, for most of it, not a soul in sight. . . I've been working on exploring all of the potential freehiking trails and have several lined up. I'll be gone starting Sat. for a hot springs tour across Nevada on my way to a conference at South Lake Tahoe. Secret Beach is on tap for Sunday afternoon! Back in late June so come on down!" - GroverGuy

"Got back last week from a three day canoe trip on the Green River in Utah - We floated from Green River State Park down to Mineral Bottom near Moab. Was able to be nude the entire time after leaving the put-in, except for evenings when it was still too cool and buggy. The river was high, so you could float with very little paddling. Campsites were somewhat difficult to find due to the high water covering gravel and sand bars. There are plenty of great hikes that can be made up side canyons-all suitable for nude recreation. I particularly enjoyed poking around the old Hey Joe Mine - nude of course.

From there we traveled to Valley View Hot Springs for a few days of camping and swimming. . . while almost everyone is nude in the pools, most people put on robes or wrap themselves in towels when out of the water. This, in spite of the fact that VVHS is clothes optional everywhere. Even the restroom/shower facilities are unisex. Anyway, it is my favorite resort that is reasonably close-by . If you haven't been there, you are missing out!" - Mike

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