Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Weekend in Phoenix

PJ and I spent another wonderful weekend in the Phoenix area.

Our friends from southern Utah came down for a visit; it was good to see them again. We sang nude karaoke together Friday evening at Shangri La Ranch. PJ and I just love singing karaoke nude.

Saturday we attended the Canyon Country Naturists pool party in Mesa. It was fun sunning and swimming and eating pot-luck and visiting with about 40 local naturists. We met many new friends. Canyon Country Naturists is one of the most active groups we’ve met. We have joined and hope to enjoy many activities with this group in the future.

Saturday evening we returned to Shangri La Ranch for the nude dance; it was lots of fun.

We had a chance to talk with the owner about a proposal we’d presented a week earlier. Amazingly, he accepted our proposal! It looks like we’ll be relocating our trailer to Shangri La – cheers! I’ll share more about that in the future.

Monday we returned to Shangri La to pick out a trailer spot before heading to Yuma for our next work assignment.

As always, PJ and I love living life as a naturist with good naturist friends.


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  1. Hey Ken,

    Supposedly June 21 is National Naked Hiking Day (coinciding w the solstice). DO you know anything about organized hikes, welcoming areas, and so on for June 21.

    Seems to be very loosely organized, if not secretive.