Thursday, June 23, 2011

Skinny Road Trips

Nude on the road again. Driving naked down the road again. Skinny Trippen with my very best nude friends. Just can’t wait, we’re nude on the road again. (With apologies to Willie Nelson)

So where can nudists go to be nude?

Home and the back yard? Great, but this tends to get boring, though it helps to invite friends over for food or games or karaoke or a pool party, but where else?

A nude beach? Sure, but nude beaches are too distant for many naturists.

A nudist resort? Resorts have become low rent or pricy or both, and besides, visiting the same places over and over can again get boring?

Maybe the area has a pool that can be rented for nude use. Even so, this can be expensive and get old. So home, backyard, resort, beach, pool – where else?

PJ and I have driven literally thousands of miles naked the past few months, and that got us thinking. Why not take a Skinny Road Trip with friends this summer? Yes, go traveling nude with your nudist friends. Not skinny dipping, skinny tripping. What could be better?

Drive naked to see local attractions, stop to eat a picnic and take a walk nude, take photos of you and your naked friends standing by a road sign (now there’s a different tourist photo), talk, laugh, just have some good naked fun.

Advantages for nudists?

• Close location for everyone
• Lots of different things to see and do
• Lots of excitement and fun
• Very social
• Good for any age person
• Low cost

A Skinny Road Trip is much more interesting than owning an isolated cabin lot for sunning and hiking nude; visiting the same spot over and over can be boring, and a nudist can Skinny Road Trip along the way to the isolated location anyway.

Even if money isn’t an issue, nudists can Skinny Road Trip on the way to nearby resorts and beaches, and find many more interesting things to do.

The Disadvantage?

What if they get caught? Someone like a truck driver may see. The police may show up.

Preparation is required to overcome this problem. The vehicle can be organized as a traveling nudist resort with towels and window shades. It makes sense to take some clothes along for stopping to see attractions, and it’s a good idea to wear something that can be easily slipped on and off while driving to keep from being seen. Ladies may want to wear something on top; men usually don’t need to worry about that. Of course, always obey traffic laws. With preparation, naked driving is safe and fun.

So How Would It Go?

The Skinny Road trip would be scoped out in advance – how far to go, what to see, what to do, where to stop for privacy, etc. Then the trip could be advertised to local naturist friends.

Attendees would gather at a specified location to car pool.

Once everyone is ready and the vehicles prepared, everyone gets in, off come the clothes, and down the road they go. Taking off those sweaty clothes, the feel of breeze from an air conditioner and the sun through a window on a naked body – ah nudist heaven!

Along the way people talk and share and enjoy conversing in the friendly way only naturists can.

Occasionally people will stop and get dressed to see attractions, or eat at a restaurant, or get gas and a snack. A Skinny Road Trip is backwards. Instead of driving to a nudist location to take off clothes, the participants take off the clothes to drive to places where they will need to put clothes on.

After a fun day sharing naturism, everyone returns safely home, satisfied with a wonderful time nude. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. PJ and I will. Just like naturism in general, you can’t understand until you try it for yourself.

Has anyone out there ever taken a Skinny Road Trip? If so, share a report.


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