Friday, June 10, 2011

Phoenix Area

Our saga continues. PJ and I are in the Phoenix area for work.

Last Friday night we visited Shangri La resort. It was nice getting naked outdoors again after being shut up in a building clothed for a week. We spent some time lounging by the pool, talking with several couples.

Then we enjoyed a good fish dinner. It’s always a joy to eat naked with others who understand the body is a good thing.

While eating we met and talked with the owner (Horst). Wow what a talker.

Then we walked to the recreation building and sang nude karaoke until midnight, before driving back to our workplace for the night.

Saturday we were off work. We returned to Shangri La for a few hours to present a proposal to the owner.

Then we headed to the southern Phoenix area for a pool party with members of Canyon State Naturists. We ate, swam, met and visited with nearly 20 new naturist friends. It’s so easy to enjoy the company of other naturists. It was a great time. Canyon State Naturists meet nearly every weekend so we’ll probably go again. Their website is .

All in all it was a great naked weekend!

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