Friday, February 12, 2010

Working Naked on our Park and Trails

Work has been so busy lately that it’s been difficult to take time and report on our nude activities, but PJ and I haven’t missed the chance to be nude. This past Weekend, and Wednesday afternoon, we spent our time working on Dellmaze Park and on the Olive Dell Nature Trail - clearing brush, digging, raking, making signs, weeding, etc.

I also finished a new trail we’ll call Grandkids Gulch, dedicated to our 15 grandkids. PJ was feeling bad that we had named two trails (Baily’s Bottom and Easton’s Expressway) after our grandkids, but didn’t have a trail for the others, and 13 more trails seemed a bit obsessive, so I decided to make one for all. In our opinion, Grandkids Gulch is the best trail of all, wandering through groves of tall brush, fantastic rocks, and hidden valleys. Kids will love its hidden mystery.

We hope our grandkids might visit us to walk the trail someday. If only that could happen . . .

Wednesday afternoon I took a series of photos of the trails. PJ says photos of trails are boring because viewers won’t be able to appreciate what they’re seeing, but I thought I’d post them anyway. Without question, it would be much more interesting to visit Olive Dell to walk the trails naked – something Becky the owner’s wife does every morning – but until you can visit us this link takes you to photos of these two fun naked trails:

Olive Dell Nature Trail Photos:

Grandkids Gulch Photos:

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