Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank God for a Glorious Day Freehiking

“The sunny weather and upper 60s drew me to . . . Symphony Lake Trail for an amazingly blessed hike. . . Cautious, and yet drawn by the warm sun, I first hiked shirtless for awhile. The breeze was light, the yellow fireball was intense, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Sweat began mixing with my suntan oil and DEET. My body and mind were ready to be naked in the sun. . . So, just a few hundred yards from the start of the trail, I began the naked leg of my hike. . . This was my first time hiking all the way to the lake. Much boulder-hopping fun followed the second, smaller bridge on the way. Outside the area's ruinous shelter I rested, sunning my sweating bare flesh on the rocks and eating my lunch. On one side of me, I could see Symphony Lake, calling my toasted body for a cold dip. On the other, across the deep valley of more water, called Eagle Lake, I could barely see and hear the outdoorsy, 20-something gentlemen I had passed earlier. They were far away, about the size of a grain of rice. I continued on to the lake. . . I realized I was not alone. A fisherman, who must have hiked in while I'd been eating lunch . . . was sitting on the lake-side boulders some fifty yards away. Too late to be shy now, and far enough away not to devastate, I took off my boots, my last bit of attire, and went in . . . the cold completely equalized the hot temperature of my body. After drying in the air on the shore, I dipped and dried again before hiking back. . . The entire way back, I kept thanking God for such a glorious day.” - AKBare


  1. I enjoyed that post very much. I managed to get out and freehike today too. I found a trail close to my home that I have hiked nude before but it has been some time since I hiked it nude. I thought it appropriate that I did so on my birthday hiking in my birthday suit.

  2. I take short hikes near my home after work when weather cooperates. Met 2 fisherman shortly after a quick nude dip in the water on one of my trips. I love getting out close to home but it is risky being close to town and lots of people go for a walk there.