Sunday, February 14, 2010

Naked Encounters with Wildlife

“I don't think that naked encounters with wildlife are a coincidence. When we hike naked we are usually solo, without smells of detergents, and we are not a threat or predator. We become one with nature and nature becomes us. Once we leave the textile man made world and return to what should be our natural state we gain acceptance with our wild friends.” – NudeWalker


  1. I agree, I have been very close to animals when freehiking and I think it has something to do with the sounds of clothing rubbing or maybe the smells of laundry detergent on our clothes. I have encountered deer, coyotes, even a moose once! That was the only time I got nervous a moose is a BIG critter and not known for their fine temperment. I also wanted to add I feel more connected to the nature surrounding me when I hike nude it is as if my body is better able to sense the things around me.

  2. My first long hike nude I walked up to several deer. It was so fun to get so close and share our natural state with each other.