Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wildlife is Not Bothered by Freehikers

“. . . about 2 weeks ago I headed out for my short naked night hike on the trail out our back door when, in the course of my eyes adjusting to the darkness, I realized I wasn’t alone. What I found were several deer in the back yard. Even though our local herds are comfortable with humans since they don’t get shot at in our vicinity, they normally don’t let you get very close before they scamper off. I intentionally walked toward them and when I got within about 15 feet of the closest one the headline went through my mind “Naked man gored to death by buck deer in his backyard”. Obviously the headline didn’t happen, but I was truly astounded at how close they let me get before they meandered off. I’ve noticed similar other instances in the wilderness with smaller animals while on naked hikes. Whether its curiosity or they just don’t perceive us as a threat when we’re naked, there is definitely a difference.” – Happy Hikers

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