Monday, February 15, 2010

Short Winter Freehiker Makes All The Difference

“I offered to do an errand for a friend the other day since I have the 4wd and the road that needed to be traveled on was still snow covered. I was wearing my usual, boots, wool sox and Carheart coveralls. . . I had to pass the area where I took my New Years Day hike a few years ago and to my surprise someone had cleared the parking spaces. So since I was naked under my coveralls I stripped them off in the truck and headed into the pines. The sun was so warm on the skin now I know why our ancestors worshiped it as a god. There was just enough wind to blow some snow around and tingle the skin slightly. It was only a short fifteen to twenty minute trek but it made all the difference in my demeanor.” – NudeWalker

1 comment:

  1. Folks who haven't enjoyed the cold outdoors nude are really losing out. My Angie's into to nudism was on a winter beach, cold, still, and sunny. Just beautuful, and she was hooked!