Monday, February 22, 2010

Freehiking in Australia

“Just over a week ago, ten of us . . . met at Waterfall railway station for a [nude] walk along Kangaroo Creek in the Royal National Park. Despite the wet weather that the cyclones had brought, the day had turned out to be quite warm and sunny. We headed down the Uloola Falls track, but very quickly turned off to go cross country. We got into uniform [nude] and continued down a narrow to a beautiful pool, with waterfall . . . We stopped for morning tea, and had a chance to cool in the refreshing water. We continued on our way with the track getting rougher. The bushwalk became more of a bushbash which added to the challenge. We stopped at another waterhole for lunch. The water was cool and refreshing, and much welcome in the heat of the day. Working our way along Kangaroo Creek, we'd stop occasionally the enjoy the cool waters - some of the purest in the park. Finally we arrived at Karloo Pool where it was time to say goodbye to Kangaroo Creek. Heading up the track, we finally arrived at Heathcote railway station. This was the most challenging [nude] walk we had done, but with such a great turn out, it was a great day.” - George "Jorgi" Zamroz

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