Saturday, February 20, 2010

Naked Gardening - Olive Dell Nature Trail

PJ and I spent the day Monday (2/15/2010) gardening at Olive Dell. Naked gardening is heavenly work!

We erected eight signs along the Olive Dell Nature Trail and Grandkids Gulch (which involved some very pleasant freehiking), and did some naked weeding and spraying in the Park. A ten year old boy dropped by (unconsciously naked) as we were preparing signs, and volunteered to help us carry and erect signs along the trail. He only lasted through one trip up the mountain, but he was excited to be the first kid at Olive Dell to walk Grandkids Gulch - I’m sure he won’t be the last – it’s a great trail for naturist kids.

We erected eight signs along the trails on Monday.

Later a six-year old naturist stopped by the Park looking for some friends. We saw them later playing in the upper meadow.

Wednesday afternoon we spent more time nude gardening and working on trails. I finished the Donkey Meadows Trail and cleared Hidden Hollow.

We just love getting away to Olive Dell to garden and build trails in the buff. Naked gardening is our escape. Sometimes it seems the only thing that keeps us sane with all the pressures at work.

Here is a link to photos of the Olive Dell Nature Trail:

I’ll post additional photos of the trail as more is completed. It’s fast becoming the best nature trail at any naturist resort in the west. I’ve spent several days talking with a botanist at the University of Redlands about the vegetation so we can mark it and help others identify it. Perhaps he and his family will visit the trail in the future.

Is anyone interested in visiting and taking a hike with us?

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