Friday, June 19, 2009

Shangri La Resort Freehike - Jan. 07

I had to work in the Phoenix area this week anyway so PJ and I took advantage of the chance to stay at Shangri La instead of a hotel. Besides, we’d wanted to visit it for some time.

We left Thursday the 18th and drove to Page, Arizona where we stayed overnight. On Friday we got up early and drove south. By Friday afternoon we arrived at the resort in New River, north of Phoenix.

Shangri La is fairly small and surrounded by cactus-filled desert. It sits at the base of Daisy Peak. The hiking trails are mostly off-site, but can carefully be used nude.

We checked into an older, but nice one bedroom house. There was lots of room for PJ to sew; something she wanted to do while I was working. They had many smaller and less expensive accommodations.

The resort has two pools but both were too cold to use. There is a smaller but very nice spa. There is a wonderful clubhouse with a great dance floor, a large fireplace, and a separate big-screen TV room. There’s a fun fireplace outside as well. There were many RV parking spots and a good number of permanent trailers where people lived. Other amenities include tennis court, washers and dryings, a game room, and even a sewing room. Internet is available but only near the office.

As soon as we arrived, we checked into an older, but nice one bedroom house. We immediately got naked, unloaded the car, and relaxed.

The weather was cool; still we took a short freehike in the surrounding desert near the resort. While hiking a group of people who had circled up chairs in front of their motor homes invited us to join them. It turned out they were all from Canada. They were very friendly. We had a great time visiting with them during our stay.

Friday evening we sang karaoke; we just love nude karaoke.

Saturday we freehiked up to the base of Daisy Mountain, checked out the cactus, and took some photos.

We collected some dead cactus skeletons to share with our grandkinds.

We attended the nude dance. It was the best dance we’ve ever attended at a resort – great dance floor and dance music, little sexual undertone.

We ate a number of meals at the resort. They have a nice, personal kitchen, and a beautiful clubhouse dining room. It always super to eat nude. Still, we went out for dinner at a nice restaurant Saturday night; we always like to get out and visit the area as well.

We watched the many Quail that gathered outside our place each morning and evening.

It was cold enough to snow on Daisy peak one morning.

We found Shangri La the friendliest resort we’ve ever visited. The dance was the best we’ve ever attended. Shangri La is a great place to visit, especially in the winter.

Where can readers find more information? (Website, phone number), (623) 465-5959, (800) 465-8760

At what Internet link can readers see photos of this experience?

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