Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grassy Mountains Freehike - June 2008

On June 8th, Lee, J., Steve, and Ken drove about an hour west from Salt Lake City to the desert Grassy Mountains. The weather was cool, but great, and the sky was clear – just right for a freehike. We parked and undressed at the truck, and enjoyed the feel of being natural outdoors as we hiked along a road at the based of some interesting, rocky desert hills. The bright, white Salt Flats could be seen in the distance. (You can see photos from the hike at:

In addition to the beautiful desert scenery, we saw several pretty flowers, and some horned toads (that didn’t mind four naked people; in fact one choose to pose for a photo).

It was fun talking as we hiked nude, especially since this was J.’s first formal freehike, though she’s had many naturist-like experiences in the past. She’s fairly new to Utah, an artist and art model.

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