Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cedar Fort Freehike - May 2007

Wednesday, May 30th, the Freehiking Utah Group took a fun afternoon hike. Thirteen members actually hiked (a record), and we were excited to host visiting hikers from Alabama (2), Michigan (2), Minnesota (1), as well as 8 regulars. (I guess the word about our successful nude hiking group is getting out.)

The weather was perfect again – hardly a cloud in the sky – with temperatures in the 80s. We parked near our normal hiking spot and headed up the rocky trail. After going a short distance past the fence we got undressed. (This was the place PJ undressed to take her first nude hike. It was fun to recount how she was nervous at first, but after taking off her clothes said “this is cool” and almost danced for joy up the hill.) It always feels so wonderful to be outdoors surrounded by nature, the sun, and a warm breeze. Nude hiking is amazing!

The trail led along the base beautiful green-colored mountains, and this trail is especially nice as it goes through thick juniper and pinion pine trees. (Unfortunately it seems development is starting in the area so we might not be able to take this particular hike again.) Occasionally the trail opened up to reveal expansive views of the valley, Utah Lake , the Wasatch Front Mountains , Mount Timpanogas , and Mount Nebo – see photos: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/cedarfort

As we hiked we enjoyed talking and sharing feelings with friends as we basked naked in the wonder of nature. This hike was especially memorable because of our new friends from outside Utah . It was nice to share our naturist experiences and discuss the beauty of Utah. Naturists are simply the friendliest people there are. The sun and breeze on our naked bodies was so enjoyable and kept us cool.

After hiking for about 1½ hours, we stopped at the crest of a hill to observe the view, and then started back. As we neared the cars we passed a man on an ATV, but we were all sufficiently dressed by then to avoid embarrassment. Far too soon we arrived back at the cars, and it wasn’t long before we were on the road heading back to our homes. What a wonderful naturist day this had been. Sometimes getting to the hike is a hassle, but we always realize sometime during the hike or afterwards just how rewarding freehiking can be. It certainly beats working on a sunny weekday afternoon.

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