Friday, June 19, 2009

Colorado Freehike

“I parked at the trailhead, no other cars there. Clouds dark, but winds calm. Started a fast-paced hike, feeling warm... hmm, no one at the trailhead, no one on sight... why not! I take everything off and bundle things in the cargo shorts, and off I go! The trail is beautiful, winds through pines, with quite a bit of uphill to work a sweat - even if it was only in the 60s and storm-threatening! The wind picks up and the hike moves out of the canyon to more exposed slopes, but I'm having a great time so just leave the clothes off. It even sprinkles a bit (this would be my first nude hike in the rain). . . I take some time to sit and enjoy the view. . . It really got windy at the top so I put a shirt on and booked back down. I was more cautious heading down, figuring I could still run into someone coming up, but never did. Getting into more protected areas it was warm enough I took the shirt off and completed the hike, taking about 2 hours (leisurely), and putting shorts back on a few hundred yards before the parking lot. Weather held for me, just a sprinkle and a bit of wind up top. . . I sooooo wish society was more accepting about freehiking - just amazingly preferable in every way.” - Port

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