Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grassy Mountains Freehike - Aug. 2007

Wednesday August 22 the Freehiking Utah Group took a wonderful hike in the Grassy Mountains west of Salt Lake City. We gathered at 12:30 at Saltaire, and by 12:45 we were driving to the trail. The group was small – it seems there is more interest and people have more time in the spring – each fall interest seems to wane some. Only three participated – the regulars Ken, Ben, and Steve; since other ladies hadn’t signed up PJ decided to stay home and sew.

The weather looked a little rainy so we headed west were water seldom falls. Good decision – sun with temperatures in the 90s.

When we arrived, we parked at the base of the hills, undressed, and started up the seldom-used dirt road that wound up through the hills. As always; the sun felt so nice, warm, and wonderful on our naked bodies. The scenery was brown, dry, with sage brush, a few pinion and juniper trees, and many rocky hills and mountains. A few hearty flowers dotted the hillsides. The area is beautiful in its own way, especially since we were enjoying it in our best suits - birthday.

As we hiked we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. Nude hiking buddies are the greatest.

Along the way we investigated a shallow cave, and scared up some chucker’s (game birds) that were enjoying a water collection area. Several military jets flew fairly low above us; the area is near Hill Field practice bombing range. We had wanted to hike far enough to look out over the Salt Flats, but after an hour and a half we reached a high point on the road, and Ken at least had about run out of energy, so we turned back. The hike down was enjoyable as the breezes cooled our nude bodies. Soon we reached the parked truck and headed home.

We stopped for a cold soft drink on the way, and got back to Salt Lake City by about 5:30 - the end of another wonderful freehike.

Here are some photos from this hike:
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