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Bear Lake Camp & Freehike - July 2007

We had a great time at the July 2007 Bear Lake campout and freehike (I guess that's Bare Lake for us). For those who haven't been to Bear Lake, it's a large lake (11 x 22 miles) on the Utah/Idaho border. As can be seen from the photos from this skinny trip (see ) , the lake is a beautiful sky blue color, surrounded by many beautiful sandy beach areas.

PJ and I left the afternoon of Thursday, July 12th, and drove from Salt Lake City to Evanston, WY, then northwest to the lake. The drive from Salt Lake City takes about 2.5 hours.

The beach area where we camped and swam nude is on the east side of the lake, just across the Idaho border. It's secluded from the view of those driving past on the road, and out of sight of other nearby campsites. It's even shaded by several large cottonwood trees, and several smaller trees help block the view of passing boats. The area is sandy with just a few rocks.

Steve had arrived just before us, and Dave and Rhonda arrived soon after. We all proceeded to set up camp. Last year a wind sprang up and blew Steve's tent 30 feet down the beach; he'd fixed that by tacking the tent corners down with big boulders. The campsite and boulders were still there for him to use this year. On the first evening, our small group of friends enjoyed being nude as we ate and talked until dusk when the mosquitoes came out. We went to bed early. We had some fun thunder and lightning Thursday evening, but we had very little rain, and everyone slept just fine.

Friday morning we got up early, had breakfast (naked of course), got ready for our first freehike, and headed south along the lake. We parked at a boat ramp parking area (the same place as last year), and headed up the dirt road. Within five minutes we were hiking naked. Hiking naked always feels great with the warm sun and the cooling breeze on your body. We paused to look back at the lake and take a photo (see link above).

We decided to hike the easier trail to the right that leads to a small hill overlooking the Lake, and Laketown. The view of the lake expanded more and more as we hiked. We often turned around to take in this wonderful sight. The hills are a little barren in this area, sparsely covered with sage brush and juniper trees.

After about 45 minutes we reached the summit. The beautifully blue lake stretched into the distance, with green fields below. Mountains rose behind us. Our nude bodies basked in the sun and breeze. It was awe inspiring. Nude hiking is so amazing; why would anyone hike clothed?

We started back down the trail and soon returned to the cars.

We drove back to our private camp, looking forward to washing the dust off in the crystal clear water of the lake. As soon as we returned to camp we headed down to the beach, stripped off our hiking clothes, and walked out into the water. The water was chilly as we got in, but not too cool to be enjoyable, especially after a sweaty hike. We floated together and talked about the hike and how great it felt to skinny drip and wash off the dust from the trail.

Friday evening several more freehiking group members arrived - Kenny, Cherie, Bob & Barb,
Lary, Rocketman & wife. We gathered in a circle and enjoyed talking about our naturist experiences. Several set up tents. Several others decided they're rather stay in local motels. That evening we again retired early to avoid the mosquitoes. And the wind returned.

We arose to a beautiful morning at the lake. We made fun of Lary who's tent had collapsed in the night; he'd slept through the night on his gigantic air mattress, with the tent right on top. We ate breakfast, mostly broke camp so we wouldn't have to pack in the heat of the day, and got ready for Saturday's freehike. As we were getting ready, Vaughan & Mary arrived.

We decided to return to the same easy trail again, since most had not hiked it Friday. We again took photos as we climbed the small hill that overlooked the Lake. The day was warm and beautiful, as was the view of the lake from the summit. As always, it was so wonderful hiking nude with good friends. In too short a time we had returned close enough to the parking area that we had to dress.

Once more we drove back to our private camp by the lake, and washed the dust off in the crystal clear lake water. After 45 minutes or so of soaking and playing in the cool, refreshing water, and washing off the dust and sweat, we reluctantly got out. It was time to head home.

We returned to Salt Lake City by 5:00 pm as planned, tired, but just in time for the local nude swim, the finish of another wonderful Skinny Trip, camp, and hike. We only wish more of our friends had been able to attend.

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