Monday, June 22, 2009

Parowan Valley Freehike - Nov. 2007

On Wednesday, November 14, 2007, PJ and I got up early, finished packing for our trip to Las Vegas and Saline Valley, met Lee and Cherie (Cherie was going early to Las Vegas with us), and drove south to Parowan to meet and take a freehike with a new Skinny Tripper who lives in the Cedar City Area – Ken S. (Unfortunately, Ken’s wife had to work and wasn’t able to attend the hike.)

We met Ken at The Gap west of Parowan. But there were a few people around the hills doing something with the sage brush, and it was windy and a little too cool when we arrived, so we decided to drive 20 minutes to another hiking area north of Parowan - Red Springs Canyon.

This is one canyon in a red-rock area that has several beautiful canyons cut by water below a rounded-green mountain. A year-round spring flows down a red cliff near the start of Red Springs Canyon. This is one of the most beautiful areas we hike, and we have reported on it before (see photos: ).

We arrived and started the freehike. The girls started hiking dressed as it was still cool, but they were undressed by the time we reached the water fall and had gotten out of the wind. (Hiking nude is always warmer than clothed as long as there is little wind because the body can more easily regulate itself.) I led us up the first branch canyon. It is a beautiful, totally private hike after you get into the branch canyon, but this requires climbing a steep side hill along a deep slot canyon. This was a little much for Cherie who decided to turn back, so PJ returned with her.

Both Kens continued and had a nice but short up the canyon. It was enjoyable talking about our naturist and life experiences. After about a half hour we turned back, soon met the girls at the cars, and were saying goodbye.

We left with an invitation for Ken and his wife to come visit us for nude karaoke. Hopefully they’ll be able to in the future. This short freehike was enjoyed by all. It was nice to meet and make friends with a new Skinny Hiker.

Here are a few photos from our hike:

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