Monday, May 24, 2010

Sand Dollar Beach

During our May 2010 vacation we stopped at a campground on California’s scenic Hwy 1, south of Big Sur, across the street from Sand Dollar Beach. After setting up camp, we walked down to see the beach. A well-maintained trail with easy stairs descends to a rocky beach. We walked clothed (after all this is a traditionally clothed beach) to the far north end where it was sandy and far enough from the few others on the beach to get comfortable.

We enjoyed the warm sun on our bodies as we explored the cliffs and walked the sandy portion of the beach for a half hour or so before the sun began setting – it was time to dress and return. We talked with several people on the way back who were searching the rocky shore for topaz. We joined in and found several nice specimens – fun. (By the way, we also found one sand dollar.)

The ocean mist slowly moved in as we left the beach.

We enjoyed a pleasant night camping naked together in our tent. We’d recommend this place for anyone interested in a great camping spot, and getting some sun.

Here is a link to a few photos:

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