Friday, May 21, 2010

Pirate’s Cove Vacation

We’ve not posted much because this week PJ and I took our first real vacation in nearly two years. It was so nice to get away again. Harro and Kitty had invited us to visit Carlsbad Caverns, but it was an almost 14 hour drive, so we decided to visit the central coast of California instead. (Thanks for the invite – we do want to see the Caverns another time.)

The evening of May 15th I picked PJ up at LAX airport (she had been visiting the kids in South Dakota), and we checked into an inexpensive hotel near the airport. In the morning we headed north.

Skinny Trippers Marv and Pet had invited us to visit them so we drove straight to the Pismo Beach area where they live in a nice gated community. We enjoyed touring their beautiful gardens; too bad they don’t have the privacy to garden naked as God intended.

Then, Marv took us for a walk down to Pirate’s Cove. We climbed down the cliffs using the ropes, and then undressed and spent some time walking nude along the sand to the opposite end of the beach. It was a cool day, so there were only a few brave naturists nude, but it was nice in the shelter of the cliffs. It was still soooo enjoyable! One young dressed couple along the way shielded their young daughter’s eyes from the view of us naked old folks; hasn’t the younger generation gone clothes-compulsive crazy? At the end of the beach we dressed again and climbed up the path to visit an interesting rock cave (arch) where we could look down on a 2nd nude beach - empty.

We returned to the beach, undressed, and walked back. This time it had gotten a little warmer, so a few people were sunning and playing nude volleyball on the beach. After dressing, we again climbed the path with the help of the ropes, and returned to Marv and Pets place.

We would rate Pirates Cove Beach as the most scenic nude beach we’ve ever visited. It was a cool day, but on a warm summer afternoon it must be spectacular. Nudity is legal on the beach, and I understand it is used by many naturists. Don’t miss a chance to visit Pirate’s Cove! Here is a link to a few photos we took of the beach:

Sunday evening we ate dinner with Marv and Pet at a great Thai restaurant, played a new (to us) card game, and enjoyed a nice sleep in their guest room. Thanks Marv and Pet for the fun stay!

Monday morning we headed north to continue our vacation. We’ll share more about that in a later report.

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