Monday, May 10, 2010

“Celebrate the freedom of naturism and nudism by gardening.” – Guy K.

“Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor hobbies worldwide. Doing it in the nude adds a pleasure almost indescribable. When you are in the garden with a gentle breeze and the kiss of the sun on your skin a connection with nature is inevitable.” - Katie Rain

Nude gardening is one of our favorite pastimes. In fact, working in our nude garden at Olive Dell Ranch, Dellymaze Park is such a fun place we hope every visits. We spend time nearly every day digging and planting and watering and decorating. Jane is creating a totally unique garden with small buildings, characters, a dinosaur dig, and now even an alien landing site.

But of course the best part of our garden is being natural in the shade and sun. With naked gardening you're cool even on a hot day - the sweat naturally cools your body, and of course there are no sweaty clothes to make you uncomfortable, and no laundry afterwards. And you don't have to worry about getting dirty - we just head to the outside showers at the clubhouse - heaven. We'd recommend nude gardening to everyone. And with that thought in mind, we planned a Naked Gardening Day celebration at Olive Dell Ranch.

According to Mark Storey, the annual World Naked Gardening Day [WNGD] is now in its sixth year. The idea behind WNGD is that many people find clothes-free gardening enjoyable. WNGD urges people to practice the form of gardening they enjoy, but on this one day to try it nude. They can do so by themselves, or with family or friends. They might do so in their private back yard, indoors with potted plants, at a local nudist club during an organized grounds cleanup, or - if they are feeling bolder - in a more public setting to help beautify a city park or streetside garden. Weather, location, age, or shyness needn’t keep people from participating, as anyone can give the wholesome practice of working in some fashion with Nature dressed as Nature intended.

So, on Saturday, May 8th, five members at Olive Dell ranch gathered to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD), which is celebrated world-wide on the second Saturday of May. Our plans to garden the previous weekend had to be changed at the last minute - sorry to those who came then, and sorry we didn't advertise this activity earlier so others could attend.

We gathered about 10:00 am to prepare a garden area at the end of the tennis court - an area that gets water as the tennis court is cleaned each week. Digging, shaping the earth, lining the bed with rocks, and planting took several hours. Working out doors nude is such a rewarding experience - the breeze cools the entire body, and it's great exercise.

Afterwards, the nude gardening team gathered on Ken's and Jane's deck for a friendly nude BBQ. And later we all sang nude karaoke - the end to a memorable naturist event. All in all, it was a very rewarding WNGD. Next year we promise to advertise WNGD more so all can participate.

Here is a link to a few photos of Olive Dell's WNGD event:

And for more information, here is a link to the WNGD website:

Here are a few thoughts from others who love gardening naked:

"As more people hear of this simple, natural, human activity, and how much more alive one feels working naked with Nature, the more others may give it a try. WNGD is thus an unabashed promotion of social nudity as part of a healthy, natural lifestyle. . . If you . . . think all this talk about nudity is a riotous hoot, continue to smile (naked folk shouldn’t be taking themselves too seriously anyway). But while you’re laughing - and while no one’s looking - try gardening naked for five minutes. You’ll probably still be smiling, but for a different reason.” – Mark Storey

“There is something special about waking up at sunrise and going out into the garden, taking your clothes off and playing in the dirt au naturel. . . As you stand naked in a garden, you feel the world loosening around you. Gardeners have known for ages that pottering around your petunias has stress-reducing benefits. But now, there is a growing trend among nature lovers that says these benefits increase exponentially when you garden naked. . . communing with the pansies without panties, so to speak. People often ask why we feel the need to take off our clothes to trim the fruit trees. ‘Because it’s fun!’ . . . The sun is cleansing and provides that all-important vitamin D. . . Gardening in the nude is wonderful exercise. We are getting in a good stretch while planting healthy foods and flowers. And naked organic gardening makes my connection to the earth, sun, and water feel more meaningful. . . Mother Earth . . . gracefully urges us with her fruitful body to seek union with all living things. Come into nature, she says. Take your clothes off and garden with me. . . You can’t go wrong when you garden naturally.” – Jay North

“But gardening is special-coaxing life from the fertile soil, hearkening the inveterate calling of man to be a part of the natural cycle. What could be more primal than growing your own patch of zucchini naked?” – Eric Ostrem

“Gardening, like swimming, is one activity that non-naturists are likely to associate favorably with non-sexual nudity. Most people can understand why someone might want to go skinny-dipping, or do some naked weeding in the back yard. . . Once people understand how good it feels to work naked with soil or plants, it’s likely they will think of naturism in a new light. Naturists know that being naked feels good, but being naked while physically active and doing some good in the world is even better. . . Far too many naturists . . . settle for participation in a lifestyle enclave. . . There is no real sense of community, just the shared goal of getting naked and having fun. Events like World Naked Gardening Day can help a sense of community develop among naked folk of every stripe.” – N Trends

“. . . the is something too profound for words about sweating naked in your own garden, snacking on peas straight from the pod, rinsing off in a mountain brook, lying naked on pine needles, drying off in the summer breeze, facing the sunny sky, arms outstretched, fully and lushly praying the Lord’s Prayer.” - Jim C. Cunningham

“When you're out there with a gentle breeze on you, every last hair on your body feels it. You feel completely connected with the natural world in a way you just can't in clothes." - Barbara Pollard (The Naked Gardener at Abby House, England)

“I wonder if back-garden nudity . . . might provide the non-stunt, non-once-a-year, non-organized, unpoliced way of getting the general public to realize that social nudity is not only no big deal when presented as an issue for comment, but no big deal when presented as a concrete reality.” Tim

“But naked, we are as close as possible to Nature, right in it, tending our bit of it, or somebody else's, the way, surely, God intended. . . So we shouldn't be ashamed. Gardening naked is something anyone can do . . .” - Iain Hunter

“I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening! We're Cuban, and it's a hot island. Why not go nude?" - Eva Mendes, Actress

“Instead of nude gardening day, I suggest a nude gardening year, every year.” – Malcolm E. Anderson

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